Hi, I'm
Daniel Garcia

I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. I build websites and web apps for my community at @shywolf and @hackforla.Previously @burohappold, @nytimes, @columbia, @amnh, and briefly at @chuckecheese as the guy in the mouse costume. 🧀Let's chat!


These are personal projects of mine that I continue to develop and maintain. Click through to learn more!

Client Work

Through Shy Wolf Studios, I build dynamic and beautiful websites and full stack web applications for my community.Click through each project for a live demo, and reach out to us if you're interested in learning more!


Colligo is a full stack web app for organizing, filtering, and sharing bookmark lists!Currently in live development. Stay tuned!https://colligo.vercel.app/

Feature Roadmap:

  • MVP CRUD Functionality

  • Dynamic Link Creation w/ OpenGraph

  • Sort by Tags

  • Filter by Tags

  • Duplicate Link Detection

  • Multi-List Functionality

  • User Authentication

  • User Tag Contributions

  • Link Skeletons

Screenshot of Colligo App

Built with:

  • Framework: Next.js

  • Language: TypeScript

  • Database: Vercel PostgreSQL

  • Styling: Tailwind CSS

  • Components: Mantine